Manacells - The Road to DNA Amplification

Mana effect Manacells - An alternative to stemcells

The patients’ blood is collected through one of the peripheral veins like the cubital vein, using a vacutainer and needle, this already contains EDTA, thus the blood does not clot. Then it is centrifuged at 200G so that the RBCs can be taken away and all we need is the top in between layer called the buffy coat and the plasma. The buffy coat is rich in WBCs which are the nucleated cells of the blood that means it contains DNA and is capable of producing proteins that the body may need. When this buffy coat rich in WBCs is seen under the light of a microscope the cells are varied in shape with spicules on its surface which are the protein markers that gives it identification and its allergic properties.




When Mana a clear formulation already filtered with 0.2 micron filters is used showing it contains no cells and no DNA, there are changes that can be seen in the buffy coat. For one the WBC shapes change to make them all uniformly round, they loose their surface markers and the nucleus becomes larger and red in color. The VIBGYOR rainbow colors come alive in these Manacells. However what we also find is that within the matrix of the buffy coat nucleic acids also form, and these stain positive for DNA using special stains and when viewed under ultraviolet light they emit the classical fluorescenc