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Press Release 21st May 2009 Bangalore


At Dr.Agarwal Hospitals and Gene Research Foundation (Govt of India Income Tax Exemption 80G) research and development has gone hand in glove along with education, service and charity for 82 years and 3 generations. With over 600,000 patients treated free of cost in villages, slums of India, along with free surgeries carried out in war strife zones of Sri Lanka and Kargil, natural calamities like earth quakes Bhuj, floods of Tsunami where food and medical supplies are distributed.

Of greatest importance is the state of the art facility created for cataract surgery and show cased at national and international conventions. From laser cataract to 1 mm cataract to 700 micron cataract extraction to hydrophaco the cataract procedure has developed over the last 2 decades from in house R&D to the operation theatre, making it the safest surgery in any medical field with no injections, no blood, no sutures, no hospitalization. The patient can have a cataract surgery just like having a hair cut within 5 minutes and go back with vision better than he came to hospital with.

Very often the post operative phase of full vision takes many weeks to months to come back due to the corneal edema created through the surgery, now with the advent of yet another Lab to Market research carried out by Dr.Agarwal, this has reduced to few hours to days – GENE THERAPY.

Diabetic eye includes diseases like diabetic retinopathy, cataract, and glaucoma, since all these are degenerative phenomenon their treatment will rest in some form of anti aging mechanism that can be Mana – Gene Therapy. Where the raw material is the patient’s own blood mixed with Mana (biomaterial) giving the patient’s own fetal DNA which has the capacity to create an anti aging mechanism.

In a similar vein it is estimated that patients with diabetes of over 20 years will 90% develop diabetic retinopathy and blindness. Once the patient develops hemohrage with or without treatment develops retinal detachment and re bleeds into the eye leading to complete blindness, thus recalcitrant to treatment. Once again GENE THERAPY – MANA has some answers when started in time before retinal detachment sets in. Worldwide 171 million have diabetes in India itself it we have risen from 31 million in 2000 to 79 million in 2007 of which over 15% have diabetic retinopathy.

With over 40 million blind in this world and 90% in developing countries the need of the hour is to wake up to realizations of 161 million cataract 50% of world blindness, diabetes and Age related macular degeneration carrying a burden of 13% and Glaucoma 6% and corneal blindness 5%. Diseases of the retina and optic nerve can never be treated by medical standards however if we can arrest further detoriation of vision itself we are looking at treatment.

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